Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Many Questions...Not Enough Answers!

Below are some interesting websites to look at before you vote. I am not saying that the things said on these sites are true. But they raise enough questions that it makes the possibility of any of it being true to be pretty frightening for America. If nothing else, why are these questions being asked in the first place? Basically, ask yourself, what do I believe about the old adage of "Where there's smoke, there's fire"? If even one of these websites is siting truthful information, it should be enough to raise further questions. Don't just skim the articles. Look at them thoughtfully. Our country has its problems, but I wouldn't want to take it down the road that it could be going if any of these articles are correct and Obama is elected President of the United States. Anyone can make pretty speeches and say what he knows the people want to hear. It's called SPIN. It's lip service. We all should know by now that campaign promises seldom are fulfilled because it isn't just up to the President to make these things happen. It takes all of Congress.

Here is another question to ask yourself. The McCain campaign has just released another interesting commercial. This one speaks of how within 6 months of Obama taking office, our enemies will be seeking to test him by creating disaster for us. Come on, people! Obama isn't even a full fledged senator. He is a JUNIOR Senator. He is a rookie! And he, as well as our country, will be a prime target for our enemies if he becomes President. That alone makes him dangerous for us.

The PA judge dismissed the lawsuit against Obama and the DNC. Berg is appealing to the US Supreme Court. Berg is a Democrat and an attorney questioning his own party's candidate. All he asks is for Obama to produce a vault copy of his birth certificate and he has raised questions about the Hawaiian birth certificate being a forgery. There are good reasons for him to be questioning it. Those reasons are mentioned in some of these websites listed. Those questions alone should be enough for us to be asking our own questions. But the websites give even more things we should be asking questions about. Affiliations with the Democratic Socialist Party--this is not our Democratic Party as most of us know it. This is a Marxist party...and his "spread the wealth around" is a Socialist ideal. Another question that, whether he is Socialist/Marxist or not...the question alone raises a lot of red flags. He says he is not and has never been a Muslim. His school records have been produced and he is listed as a Muslim in Indonesia. Former friends and family members have stated, according to these websites, that he was a very devout Muslim all through his youth. So, okay, he was Muslim. Is he now lying about it to gain our trust? Since when would lies gain trust? He may be a real Christian now. But why lie about his childhood faith? So now we are reduced to his word against apparent evidence produced by others and now posted on these as well as other websites. All anyone has to do is a general search of any of his 6 (SIX) other legal names. He has changed his name so many times that I am not sure what name is his real legal name. Apparently, neither are the owners of these websites. One such person even questions if Barack Hussein Obama is his real legal name now because this Hawaiian birth certificate does not use that name and no record has been found or produced of his legally changing his name to Barack Hussein Obama. They state that if this is not his legal name, it shouldn't even be on the ballot. His Hawaiian birth certificate lists, back in 1961, his race as "African". In 1961, this was not the terminology used on birth certificates. He would have been listed as "Negro" according to at least one of these websites. By this they are saying that it proves this birth certificate a fraudulant copy. Some say it was his sister's birth certificate and has been doctored but that this one word was overlooked by the person making the changes, probably because they didn't think of it at the time. Another question raised is about his citizenship since birth. According to his school records in Indonesia, he would have had to have been a legal citizen of Indonesia to be accepted into the schools there at that time. They also did not recognize dual citizenship so his family would have had to do whatever was legal in Indonesia to have him listed as an Indonesian citizen. Since returning to the US, nothing has been documented that has been found, about his citizenship being renewed or reinstated, or any oath of citizenship having been made to declare himself as a naturalized American citizen. But, in that regard also, there is a big question about where he was really born. His current public, and possibly forged, birth certificate states he was born in Hawaii. According to the websites: 1. Hawaii at that time registered births of children born abroad, and 2. there is question that his mother was in her last stages of pregnancy while in Kenya, and was not allowed to travel until after his birth because of the airline policies at that time, and would in fact, still have to get special medical permission to travel today if at that stage of pregnancy. So, there is the question of was he actually born in Kenya and his birth registered in Hawaii. If he was, he is NOT eligible to be President.

So, now that I have given you an overview of just some of the questions being raised about Obama, take a good look at these websites. Then do some more searching on your own if you want to. And ask yourself...am I willing to put my country, my family, and myself at risk by electing someone this controversial as the President of the United States? Is the economy the real issue here? Are jobs the real issue here?

Come on, Obama, stop talking and show us the documents. Words just don't cut it!

Too many questions...not enough answers.








Friday, October 24, 2008

I Don't Like Political Posts, But.....

I don't know how many of you have noticed, but there is a lot of controversy about whether or not Barack Obama is actually an American by birth, which is a requirement for becoming President of the United States. There is a lot online about this controversy. I have been trying to follow this as best I know how. Below are some interesting websites you might want to visit before you vote.

When you know about all the controversy surrounding this presidential candidate and this election, maybe take the time to ask yourself why is Obama making advertisements for people to vote early? Is he trying to push his election through before people find out the truth about him? Just where did he come from? What are his real affiliations? Just what do we really know about him? And most of all, are you willing to vote for him based on his smooth talk and lip service or do you want to know the truth?

According to these websites, which also show the legal documents of the court judgement that has just been handed down, Mr. Obama has at least 6 legal names he has gone by over his lifetime. He and the Democratic National Party have refused to produce proof of his citizenship, they have merely tried to dismiss the case or tie it up in litigation, which the Judge in the case did not allow, and they refused to give answer within the legal time frame of the case. By not giving answer within that time frame, it is legally the same as admitting to the charges. Therefore, according to the documents, Obama has been court ordered to step down as presidential candidate, and the Democratic National Party has been court ordered to stop endorsing Obama for president.

Check out the following websites. Do some searching on your own. Don't vote blind.

Obama isn't eligible

Obama Court Ordered To Step Down

Specifically, read the portion in the court document that states that the birth certificates that were posted from the state of Hawaii do not prove that Obama was a natural born citizen. Apparently Hawaii has a policy where it also will give birth certificates to those born abroad if they are registered in Hawaii. This means that the birth certificate may be registered in Hawaii, but does not mean the child is a natural born citizen. Continue reading and find that Obama apparently is or was a citizen of Indonesia through his step/adoptive father Lolo Soetoro and was a registered school student in Jakarta, Indonesia. According to the laws of Indonesia at that time, no foreigner could be a student in an Indonesian school. All students had to be Indonesian citizens.

There is a lot more to read in this document. These are just a couple of the highlights.

At this point in time, voters need to be aware that if they are voting for Obama, they may be voting for someone who is trying to pull a scam over the American people and get himself elected against the rules of our US Constitution. There may not be time to get all the facts of this case sorted out. There may not be time, if this is all true, to do anything at this point to stop Obama. But there is time to make a decision to uphold our Constitution. The real question here is, if all of this is true, and I am not saying that it is, do we want this kind of man in the office of President of the United States? If he is that underhanded enough to go to this extent to pull the wool over the American people's eyes, don't you think he is a person who is unsafe to be called our President?

Again, I don't know if all of this is true. I have not had the time to research this latest information. What I do believe is that Obama is not the person he is claiming to be. He is full of charm, wit, charisma, and a lot of well placed words. But I believe he is not only a liar, but a dangerous liar. He is dangerous to our country. He is playing on the needs of the American people to get votes. On the internet there are ads where he is trying to convince people to vote early. I think a major reason for that is that if he can get as many as possible of his current supporters to vote for him now, it will be too late for them to change their minds if any part of the negative truth comes out about him afterwards.

What is the big deal, Obama? If you are a natural born citizen, why are you refusing to show the proof of this? Why are you and the Democratic National Party, instead, choosing to allow this to be a court issue? Why are you choosing to try to tie things up in litigation, which is basically a stall tactic? If you are a natural born American...PROVE IT. I can prove it that I am. And I am proud to prove that I am. You are running for the highest office in the land, President of the United States. Prove you are a natural born American citizen. (By the way, the man who is the Plaintiff in this case is a member of the Democratic National Party himself, and an attorney. He is not a Republican trying to slam a Democratic candidate.)

So, okay...what if he does get elected? What happens then? What if we end up finding out that he really is not a natural born American citizen, or even a citizen at all? Does he get impeached? Or will Congress have to change the Constitution--add an amendment that now allows anyone to become president? Or will there be a coverup even bigger than Watergate was?