Saturday, February 11, 2012

Need You Now

It's just after 3:30 a.m. and I'm still awake. Not a little drunk, but very tired and unable to sleep. This song always feels just right on nights like this. I'm glad I'm not keeping someone else awake by my not sleeping, but it sure would be nice on these long nights just to have someone to talk to. Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube only go so far for entertainment and Facebook friends are mostly all asleep, or pretending to be.

Outside the wind is whistling and blowing the falling snow around, making the trees and shrubbery look alive as it glows softly in what little light is outside. The wind when it is like this makes such a forlorn and lonely sound whistling like it is calling for someone who isn't answering.

So now it's 3:45 and I am all alone and I need someone now. There just is no someone. Long lonely nights like this then call for sleeping whatever amount I can during the day when I am left alone to sleep. It seems like those days when I really need the sleep are the same days the phone rings constantly, and yes I do shut it off many times. It's those days that people need me to help them with something, especially babysitting. Unfortunately, the older I get the less able I am to keep a cheerful countenance during all these sleep depriving activities.

So, tonight enjoy the song with me if you are awake at this lonely hour too. This snow storm is supposed to be over at 4 so hopefully nothing has changed and it will all die down. I know the wind is part of the reason I am awake. It's messing with the temperature of the room quite badly. There is a lot of draftiness in this room with so many windows. I don't mind the chill for sleeping. But when it is this cold outside I can't afford to turn the furnace down as much as I would prefer, so the furnace kicks in and I go from cold to hot in seconds, then when the furnace stops I go back to cold again. It's pretty disagreeable for trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. Blanket on, blanket off, blanket on, blanket off, and so on through the night while I just wait for things to adjust by the time daylight starts to show it's face. That's when I usually can sleep. Please everyone...don't feel bad if you find my phone not being answered later. I need to sleep.

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