Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hope Survives

Hello again!  I've been a long, long time gone from this blog and for any readers out there, I humbly apologize for my absence.  Often times I bite off more than I can chew, and blogging went by the wayside more than once over the years, as I have several blogs and they are all way overdue for updates.  This blog is open to discussing just about anything I can think of, and I like that.  There just isn't a whole lot going on with my life to talk much about right now.  I've allowed myself to stagnate among the rushes in my own private pond.  When I started blogging all those years ago, I had high hopes of gaining a successful following, of selling my digitally manipulated photographs, of making some kind of impact on this world around me.  Maybe the problem was that I started too many different topic blogs and found that I just could not keep up the pace required to make a blog successful.  Maybe, my choices of topics were just not interesting enough.  Maybe my knowledge of SEO and lack of knowledge of the same was not adequate enough.  SEO changes so quickly.  Back in 2000, I knew a lot about the current SEO and internet marketing.  Today, I feel like a kindergarten student stuck in a college physics class when it comes to SEO.  Or maybe, and probably so, I just got involved in too many projects and burned myself out.

Not to make excuses, but it really isn't easy to be disabled, without reliable transportation, and basically stuck at home all the time, all the while trying to keep active and inquisitive and feel like a valuable, contributing member of society.  It isn't easy to continually trying to find interesting and fun ways to use a camera while looking at the same things all the time.  Even going outside when the weather is suitable doesn't yield much in the way of new photography subjects.  Now that I have turned to other forms of artwork such as painting, mixed media art, and collage, I find that I don't do much of anything else.

So many good intentions with these many blogs just fell apart.  Good intentions with the camera fell apart, although I am still hopeful that I can pull myself out of the rut I've been in for awhile now.  The same thing with the blogs.  I do love writing like this.  I just find that not reaching anyone makes it so difficult.  I also thought in the beginning that I could do like so many other bloggers have done and subsidize my income along the way.  Or even be able to make blogging my total income.  Somehow I just have not quite caught on to how to do that.  

And yet...

Here I am writing this, knowing that there is still within me the spark of desire to keep blogging.  Hope survives.

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