Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back at the Keyboard

Getting back on here to blog has been a bit difficult. I don't seem to know what to blog about right now. So please, just be patient as I get back in the swing of things. June was not such a nice month for our family as you know by now. In addition to my son-in-law's death, another death in the family occurred as my nephew's mom died of cancer less than 2 weeks later. We have all been out of touch with that part of the family for so long, and it is a sad thing when tragedies are the catalyst of bringing people back together. But hopefully from here on out, we won't be so out of contact with each other anymore.

My entire family seems to be in the midst of dramatic changes, some kind of planned, and others so unexpected, but now forced upon us. Everything from possible marriage, divorce, custody issues, business changes, changes in living arrangements and locations, to new births coming up and deaths unwanted, it all seems to be happening during this summer period and into early fall. We have had birthday after birthday for the or two a month since April. That has been fun, and exciting for the kids especially. Another one this weekend, {along with mine ;-)} . Then a friend's son's birthday party is coming up the following weekend.

There is one puppy left of the 8 that lived. Daughter is going to give it to Angels For Animals if no one comes to claim it this weekend. She won't give it to just anyone--wants to be sure it goes to someone who is going to keep it and take good care of it. All the other puppies went to friends of theirs. The momma dog belongs to Daughter and was Son-in-law's dog as well. The pappa dog belonged to their best friend who died last fall. So these puppies are very special to all their friends who like being able to say that they got their puppy from dogs owned by the two best friends who died so close in time. As for friend support, I have never in my life seen such a wonderful support network of friends as I have seen rallying around my daughter and grandson. It has been wonderful. Her church was also very very supportive and helpful over the past few weeks. My church, on the other hand, bordered on neglectful even though my daughter attended there with me for awhile. This has been a decisive event in my church life as I had already been seriously thinking of changing churches due to the total lack of it being a support network for me during the worst of my illness over the past two years.

Well, with that, I end this post today. I'm back, but it may be slow going for awhile. I have a lot to get caught up on.

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tonijane said...

I understand you with your post. Hope you'll be back soon. ;)