Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is That What Happened?

I think I figured it out! You know the Richard Simmons sit down wheel chair exercise DVD I have? Well I was working out with it last week. Some of the foot and leg exercises I wasn't doing because of the chair I was sitting in and not having the room to move around like he and the others were. So I just did simple heel and toe lifts. Over and over and over again throughout the maybe 15 minutes I was working out. I know I wasn't working out hard or for very long because I was starting out slow. But, as I continue to put ice on my injured foot and ankle, and as the swelling and pain ease out because of the ice, there is one major pain that continues. That is in my Achilles heel tendon. It hurts! It snaps! And as the ankle and foot start warming up again, or as I put my foot back into the wonderful moon boot, all kinds of muscle spasms begin. And they almost all seem to originate from the back of my heel towards the outside back of my ankle which is where the core of all the pain has been from the beginning.

So, is that what happened? Do I have a work-out injury? Over simple heel and toe lifts that did not even hurt when I was doing them? Is this the result of being that badly (and sadly) out of shape? I just cannot believe that something that easy caused this much drama and pain. I have always been so strong and active, even if I couldn't do all the same things everyone else seemed to be able to do so easily. It really stinks to feel so weak right now. But through weakness, God shows His Strength. Without Him I could not hold up or keep trying to make everything work out. This is another of those times that I am learning what I can and cannot do. And also learning to accept and deal with my limitations. With each limitation comes a way of handling it in a new and different way.

Hey, Lord? Would it be okay if for awhile life just go on without all this extra drama and the tests? Thank You for being with me all the time anyway. Wouldn't be here without You.

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