Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Newest Adventures

It has been too long since I was last here. Spring is finally here and with that the singing robins and sunshine that always perk up my spirits. Winter wasn't the best with my two seperate foot injuries, and stomach flu three times. But all that is in the past. Now new things are happening in my life that have brought a fresh kind of fun. First it is that I got involved in buying a few things on Ebay for the first time.
Ebay--Actually with Ebay, I first went there just out of curiousity to find out if anyone might be selling an old used double French horn and at what kind of prices. Well, I did find a few I was initially interested in with low prices. That is until the time got closer to the end of the auctions and the bids jumped way higher than I could afford. So I am still looking at that possibility, but it is seeming to be a long way down the road for now. Maybe it will be something I am going to have to save my pennies for.
Well, in the continued curiousity phase I was in, I decided to check out guitars and other musical instruments. My son and I have started teaching one of my grandkids how to read music and play a few things on my keyboard. So as well as looking for a guitar for myself, I was looking to see what kinds of instruments would be available for young children to learn on. HaHa! I was hooked in no time! Before the first week was over I had bid and won auctions for a mandolin and a travel/backpack guitar. I had other instruments on my watch list. This week I received a ukulele I won bid on. It is going to have to be returned however because one of the tuning pegs is not working properly and I don't think I am able to fix it. My grandson has tried the mandolin and it is just the perfect size for his little 5 year old hands. The ukulele will be a good size too, and I think, with its nylon strings, easier for the little grandkids to learn on. So, my plans at this point are to purchase four more ukuleles between now and Christmas for the four oldest grandkids to have their own to learn on. Thankfully, the ukuleles and mandolins are not too expensive for beginner styles on Ebay. In the meantime, I am taking my time to learn how to play the mandolin for myself. I have had guitar lessons in the distant past and need refresher lessons on that as well. I get my lessons for free from Isn't the internet fascinating? There are all kinds of musical instrument lessons on YouTube as well as across the web. Now the reason I picked mandolin was out of past interest in folk musical instruments as well as a lot of interest in Irish music. Well, on my first day with the mandolin, I broke two strings just tuning it. So that got put on hold while I waited on new strings to be ordered and to arrive. Since mandolin strings are not available anywhere in the town I live in, I ordered a few sets just to be prepared. I was always breaking my old guitar I wanted to be sure I had enough for the mandolin until I got used to it. So much for that adventure! Well, the new strings arrived and I got it tuned and started my lessons. That's going slowly for right now. So many other things going on at the same time.
The travel/backpack guitar is interesting to say the least. It doesn't look like a guitar at all really, but it sounds like one and plays like one. It is a lot smaller in width though and really works well in a more confined space such as my recliner. I probably should order some strings for that as well, but it is tuned and I haven't broken any strings yet. I do wish it was a classical guitar like my previous guitar was with nylon strings. They are much easier for me to play. But I will just have to get used to these rougher steel strings. Refresher lessons are also going slowly. Still more to tell...
The next items I got hooked on at Ebay were the children's books. I have wanted to restock my grandkids toy area with books and fill up one of the totes I have for the kids. It is pretty full now. I was able to find quite a few nice books and book sets for really decent prices including the shipping and handling. I also found some books from way back when this baby boomer was a child. I purchased one, but haven't been so lucky at the others. Their prices are just going out of my range. Anyone remember Uncle Wiggily? I got an old Uncle Wiggily's Adventures book from 1940--even before my time actually--in great condition. The grandkids won't get their hands on that one, but I will gladly read to them from it. But what is taking up most of my time right now is that I also found a 9 volume set of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and I just have to read them! My daughter also wants to read them so since she forgot to take them with her yesterday, I started reading them last night. Got one finished. I decided she can take one at a time and that way we can each read them simultaneously.
For now Ebay must wait. I have spent enough and have enough to keep me busy for quite awhile. Grandkids are having their spring/summer birthday parties again and I don't have the money right now to keep shopping on Ebay. It was fun while it lasted, and quite an adventure! But be sure I will be checking on the ukuleles for the kids for Christmas. They are going to love them! Their daddy plays guitar and he will be a good teacher for them. Now he will have to teach himself first.

Other adventures include finally getting to the doctor to have a good checkup. It has been awhile since I have had a really good checkup. I have some places on my skin that I need to see a dermatologist for. My doctor is referring me for that. Also, I am needing to choose a new cardiologist who is closer and in my state so my medical trips will be paid for. I hate changing doctors but that is what happens when you have to use Medicaid. Also, my family doctor has set me up for physical therapy to help me regain some of the mobility I have lost over the past few years since I got sick with the chronic a-fib. It is supposed to also help with getting rid of some of the excess weight. Blood tests, echo cardiograms, physical therapy, dermatologists, cardiologists, medications, medications, medications. Yes it is quite an adventure I am on these days!

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