Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Catching Up With Squidoo

Lately I've been putting in a lot of time writing on Squidoo. You can see many of my Squidoo lenses listed on the sidebar here.  But I keep writing more and more and just don't seem to keep as caught up here as I would like to be so you can see what I have been doing.  So this post it to give you more information about Squidoo in general, and especially information about my lenses.

Squidoo is a website where you can write and earn money by including various sales modules that sell items related to your topic.  You can also add your affiliates in come cases as well.  The thing about Squidoo is that as Squidoo makes money, you make money too.  Squidoo knows that if you were not writing there, they would have no page so they make sure you have a chance to do your best.  You can obviously click the link provided here to go to their site to learn more.  For now, I want to do a little review of some of my most recent lenses.

Well, the big news is that I have just recently become a GIANT SQUID which means that I have written and published at least 25 quality lenses. I actually have 37 published and a few others that are still in the working stage.  There are some perks to being a Giant Squid such as being able to give other lensmasters 25 points when I click that I like their page, instead of 4 points.  I like that best.  Then I also get some creative perks as well.  One of the requirements of becoming a Giant Squid was that I had to have a lens about me which I really wasn't all that inspired about writing.  But I gave it a few days thought and finally I came up with this one.  Who or What Is a Capirani? is one of my newest lenses.  The cool thing about this lens is that it really does tell you (hopefully) in an interesting way, who I really am.  Oh I don't go into real personal areas, but it ended up being fun to write.  I hope you take a look and post a comment to let me know what you thought of it.  

Another thing I have done is joined the Squidoo Book Club.   Members of the Book Club create specific lenses related to books and twice each month Squidoo has a topic competition and any members wanting to participate can by creating a lens falling into the categories listed for each competition.  Then people, including other Squidoo lensmasters, and any of our friends or family we ask, get to vote on the best lens posted in that category.  The winner gets an Amazon gift card or a choice of a free book from that contest's category.  I've entered twice so far.  Here are the two lenses I've created for the Squidoo Book Club.  

Scrambled Eggs Super by Dr. Seuss was written about one special book by Dr. Seuss that I discovered while visiting at a friend's home.  I got to read it to her kids and my kids that night and had all of us rolling with laughter while I tried to read Dr. Seuss' made up poetic words without getting my tongue tied in knots.  I wrote this lens for the category of Best Children's Fiction Book.  I didn't win.  But I did get a lot of attention which is another way of winning since being in these contests helps drive traffic to us and therefore helps us maybe make more sales.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing The Will of God Workbook was written for the competition for favorite non-fiction book.  I would have done one on The Bible but I knew others were going to write about the Bible and I wanted to have mine be different.  Although I did not win, I got a lot of really nice comments from those who went to look at my lens.  But Bible study books ARE my favorite of all non-fiction books and I do believe this one tops my list.

The other night after talking to my grandson, the idea for this lens popped into my head.  Collecting John Deere Toys was the result.  That boy just loves his toy farm equipment and he came by that as naturally as anyone does.  His father and grandfather have been avid collectors of John Deere toys for many years.  In fact I think his grandfather began the collection when he had his only child, the young man who married my daughter.  He also collected the toys so combined now, my grandson has more than I would ever be able to guess.  My son-in-law died in 2008 and at that time in their house there was one whole room just dedicated to the toys.  I have no clue what toys were at his father's house too.

Shortly after that I had the idea from having just done that lens, and also from seeing a photo of a vintage camera that I could do a lens about collecting cameras, and that's exactly what I did.  Collecting Cameras is the result.  I found a lot of interesting information about the history of cameras and photography as well as got to see quite a few interesting models of old vintage cameras.

To get to the complete listing of all of my lenses, you can visit this site here which is my personal Squidoo profile.  This lens list shows everything I've done so you can explore and really get another look at who I am through the words of my lenses.  They are all about the things I am most interested in at the time I am writing them.

As I said, I have 37 active lenses and most of them are listed here on the sidebar.  Please feel free to share the links on your pages.  I'll gladly reciprocate as long as the links are family-friendly.  That's about all the news for you tonight. 

Jonah and I say goodnight to you all.  As you can see here, he's resting while my friend Sara puts up my Christmas tree.  He may believe he's guarding the branches.  Jonah is such a good dog.  He's in his winter hair cut.  But I am going to have to do something about the hair around his eyes.

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