Thursday, February 28, 2008

Genealogy Trivia Games and Chat

If you know me at all, you know one of my biggest interests is working on my family tree. I recently found a genealogy chat room that I really like being part of. It is closely monitored and the stupid and sometimes nasty stuff that goes on in many chat rooms is not allowed in this room. I enjoy the people there and more than that, I enjoy the different ways they have to enhance the fun of genealogy. One way they do that is by hosting a genealogy trivia game twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:30 EST). They do this by one of the chat members writing up 30 questions plus a few tie breaker questions and presenting them in the trivia room. (They have several rooms within the main chat program, all devoted to different areas of genealogy.) Then all the players try to be the first to give the correct answer. The winner must then schedule their own chat game for later in the month or next few months. I have not won any games yet, but I decided to try to find out how hard it could be to make up a trivia quiz. I volunteered to be a trivia game host one night and loved it. So far I have give two games, and have yet another one scheduled. I don't know many of the answers for these games, but writing the quizzes helps me learn more about my country and my ancestors' lives. Playing the games is just plain fun. My second game was last night. I thought it would be hard. It was full of questions I could not have answered. But the group did great and our imaginary player named "no point" only got 3 out of 30, which means that there were only 3 of my questions that no one could answer. Both of my trivia games have been in the style of Jeopardy, and kept the players on their toes remembering to put their answers in the form of a question. They like that kind of style once in awhile. But next time, they asked me for a regular game. I guess I have worn them out, along with some others who have begun using the Jeopardy style for parts of their games. I am trying to come up with some other style just to be different. One of the games last week I came very close to winning. I had, I think 6 correct answers, which beat my former record of 4 correct answers. My competition is to try to keep at least one point ahead of "no point". Sometimes that isn't easy.
If you are into genealogy and would like a fun place to relax and just get to know others who share the same interests, give us a try. Come to Genealogy Lookup Forum at and maybe you will find a connection to your ancestors. In addition to the trivia games, they also host other educational chats throughout the week. You never know what you might learn about your ancestors.

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