Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here We Go

Well, here are the first words of this blog. This is new to me and I am pretty nervous about what to write and how to say what I might want to say. Pull up a chair and get comfortable. Let's get to know each other. Don't let this just be me talking about whatever is on my mind each time I write. Tell me about you. Tell me what you think. Just keep it clean. If you wouldn't say it in church, please keep it to yourself.
I am excited about this blog. Some of the ideas I have about what might show up here in the near future include the fun of being a grandma, cooking, changing lifestyles of aging, genealogy, other hobbies, music, and who knows what else! Look out. I am known to be wordy. I like to write. And I like to speak my mind.
Now it is too late at night to go on. It is my bedtime and I have to get up early in the morning. One of my topics could be my current job. I work at home part time. It keeps me afloat in combination with my disability benefits. So, I am going to bed and maybe think about some of the things I might write about down the road. Good Night!

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Anonymous said...

I love blogging! It's so much fun. I came across your blog from the WAHM website. I really love the background!