Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Learning How To Blog

Blogging should not be too difficult for me. I love to write. I have kept a journal ever since I was 17 years old, and diaries before that. When I write letters, be they snail mail or email, they can look like booklets because I write so much. It is hard to keep me quiet when it comes right down to it. I like to talk, sometimes, when I am with the right people--people I feel comfortable around. So, taking the next step to blogging should be a piece of cake. At least I hope so. Thankfully I enjoy internet research so researching about blogging is keeping me busy now. There haven't been many opportunities in my life for me to find an outlet for my creativity...especially in the job world. The best career I had was when I was an Activity Director in nursing homes. There I was able to be creative in all types of ways, from playing games, to fund raising, to crafts, and to writing and editing the facility newsletters. In fact, I have already been thinking about how I could start yet another blog focusing on topics relevant to Activity Directors.
But now I am no longer able to work as an Activity Director due to my health. So I work from home and I love that I can do that. If you can imagine waking up in the morning and not having to put on your business casuals, get outside, start the car, scrape the ice off the windshield, maybe dig your car out of the fresh snow that fell overnight, all to get to work...working from home is fabulous. PJ's, blue fuzzy slippers, cozy afghan make up my daily work attire. I commute all the way from my bedroom to my living room and I have arrived at work. Yes it is a bit on the cold side first thing in the morning, but once the furnace gets a jolt from the thermostat I have just turned up, it starts warming up. The only thing is, after almost 6 months of this job, the constant noise pounding in my ears for 5 hours a day is driving me crazy.
Then I found this cool website, thanks to the suggestions of a friend, about working from home. Guess what?? This is not your everyday work from home website!! This is a message board. It may be more, but so far I have been glued to the message boards reading messages from people like you and me who are working from home in all kinds of ways. Believe it or not--blogging has become a career!!! Who would have thunk it??? What an idea for someone who tends to write too much!! And in the process, maybe it will unlock my creative juices that used to flow freely to encourage me to write for children. In the meantime, I just want to try it out and see if I can't have a little bit of fun. Want to know the website that has inspired me so? It is
http://www.wahm.com/ which I think stands for Work At Home Mom. But I have read messages from the work at home dad's too. And I am sure I am not the only work at home grandma on that site.
Now I am reading and studying and learning all the ins and outs of blogging and of how to make an income with blogging. Hey!! While you are all reading this, and I hope someone out there is reading this...look at my profile...and when you see the random question this program puts to me, after you read my answer, why not put your own answer to the question in the comment section here? So far some of these questions have done a little to spark my creativity. I would love to read your responses. That frog question really made me think. Ribbit.

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