Saturday, September 15, 2012


Today when I took Jonah outside for his afternoon/early evening duty there was a pretty little kitten on my porch.  Of course Jonah wanted to catch it, I hope to play.  But the kitten ran straight up one of the walnut trees out front.  It didn't climb up far and as soon as I got Jonah to a safe distance, it actually came down and tried again to get close to the porch.  Jonah did what he had to do and then kept trying to get to the kitten who hid itself in the shrubbery of the flower garden.  Jonah tried to get to it even though he never did.  The cat was not disturbed at all as it seemed to know it was safe.  It sat there and posed for me while I took as many pictures as I could.  It was so cute.  I have posted all the best of the photos on my Capirani Photography Blog but I just have to post at least some of them here too.  It was almost like he came to me just so I could photograph him.  Later on I did not see him around.   As I said in the other blog, sometimes I think God brings things to me to photograph since I have problems getting out to go places where I can get some nice photos. So I just want to say Thank You Jesus!

   I tell you I could not have posed this kitten any better than what it did on it's own for me.  It would not let me pick it up or really touch it, but it let me get in really close with the camera and behaved like this was totally normal while the whole time Jonah was barking and trying his best to get close to the kitten too.  Jonah got groomed today so he was looking especially spiffy for the photos too.


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