Monday, October 29, 2012

All About Genealogy

I've created a couple new Squidoo Lenses on the topic of genealogy.  I would like to share both of them here with you. 

The first one is about my personal journey into my family genealogy following my Kelly lineage.  If you think you might have connections to my Kelly lines, please let me know.  I've gotten closer to the members of my Kelly lines and trying to know who they were, what their lives were like, etc.  This website is a brief historical account of my specific Kelly line.  You can find that webpage by clicking this link.

The second page is a tutorial for anyone just starting out in studying their family tree.  This one has step-by-step instructions as well as other good tutorial information.  The page is Digging Up The Roots of Your Family Tree.

Along the right side of this blog you can find a listing of the major surnames I am researching in my family history.  If you have any connections, just leave a comment for me to contact you.  In the meantime, enjoy digging up your roots.

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