Saturday, October 13, 2012

Someone Else Using My Name

Today I found out that there is another Capirani out there.  Now knowing exactly HOW I have come to use this name makes me very curious about how there can be someone else using the same name.  Those who know me personally know what my name means but no one outside of that personal group would have any idea.  So it bothers me somewhat.  I'm not sure how many of you ever Google your own names just to see what you find.  I've done that over many years using both my real name as well as my "business" name which is Capirani.  I've never found anyone using Capirani over the years other than myself.  However, today now I have found at least two or three others with this as their username.  One is on YouTube.  I DO have an account on YouTube but it is not with that name.  So if you see anything posted on YouTube using Capirani, know that it is NOT ME.  I use a totally different username on YouTube.

As of right now, the only places that I am using the name Capirani is here on my blogs and on Squidoo.  If any of you ever has any questions about finding my name on some other account, please be sure to ask me directly and I will tell you if it is me or someone else.

What bothers me most about this is that having been involved in the past with a romance scammer and then having spent 2 years volunteering with online support groups for survivors of romance scams, it makes me wonder if I am once again being targeted in some way.  I hate the feelings of paranoia that romance scammers create in the people they try to manipulate.  I am not going to let this get to me, however.  Just know, if you see the Capirani name anywhere other than my blogs or my Squidoo lenses, and at Twitter, check back here to see if I have added anything new using the name.  If you happen to see anything posted anywhere online or otherwise using this name, check with me.  I know the reasons behind the name.  If this is an imposter out there attempting to steal my identity somehow, they will NOT know why I use this name.


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