Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Extreme Couponing

So far I have not been involved in extreme couponing.  I have tried to learn how to save enough money to be able to get things free, or close to free, but since I have some major limitations to being able to get out and shop when and where I want to, it hasn't worked for me--so far.  However, realizing that it has been a year now since I got a small bundle of toothpastes for free and still have several of them left--and realizing that means I have not bought and paid for toothpaste in well over a year--I am getting more serious about learning just how to do this, and especially, how to adapt it to work for me (as well as other shoppers dealing with disabilities.)

To get started, I have revived my Squidoo lens-- Couponing--Going To Extremes just now by adding some very new information.  I added the RSS feeds for at least 4 excellent blogs about extreme couponing as well as a link to the Krazy Coupon Lady's page for beginners.  You will just have to go visit my lens to find that page.  But in the meantime, maybe you can find something interesting and helpful in this guide.

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