Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do You Like Class Reunions?

I enjoy get-togethers. I even sometimes enjoy parties. Class reunions? Well they can be fun--or not. This past Saturday I attended the main part of a two-day class reunion. 35 years since I graduated high school. It was okay for awhile--at the beginning. But after the dinner and the class photo, I was pretty much finished. It could have been more fun under different circumstances maybe. The biggest issue for me was that I am not much of a mingler nor do I do well with small talk. Add to this the disability so that walking around to even attempt to mingle and fake the small talk was not possible. So while everyone else was up visiting with everyone else, I sat there by myself. They had the dinner at a location which allowed for an outdoor firepit which sounded like fun to me. It required having a lawn chair. I even had my daughter go out and buy one for me which I paid for when she got back. But it stayed in my car unused. It turned out that there was very little outside lighting and the firepit was a good enough distance from the building as to be safe but require a bit of a walk. And other than the light from the building and the fire itself, there was no outside lighting. Nope! Not doing it! Not going to risk falling and doing more damage to myself by walking out there in the dark over who knows what kind of grassy ground. No way! So, I made a mentally healthy decision to go home early. Other classmates had left even before I did, leaving the most popular classmates to stick around and party. It would have been fun, maybe, to reminisce around the fire, but it was much more appealing to me to just come home and get comfortable. Just how dark was it out there? When I started to leave the parking lot, it was so dark I had a difficult time finding the drive out of the parking lot that lead to the road. It made me even more glad that I didn't try to walk out to that firepit. I haven't fallen and sprained my ankle in almost 4 years and I sure don't want to have to deal with something like that again.
The class photo? Well, generally, being tall, I get to stand in the back row and hide almost all parts of myself except my lovely chops. This time, knowing that this could be something requiring indefinite standing, I requested to be in the front row and that the front row all have chairs. They did that for me and we had a good sitting front row with a couple brave souls on the floor in front of us. But, as nice as that was to have the chairs available, there I was in the front row...the full me (not as in the Full Monty, thank you very much). As bad as I look standing up, there I will be on that front row sitting, with all this that is me squished together looking smiley, red headed, and happy, along with my beautiful cane. I didn't even get my camera out of my purse. So many classmates were taking pictures all over the place, and I just didn't feel like I wanted to at that time. I guess I was hoping it would be different, although how different I had no clue. Now the big class photo I would like a copy of. They said it would be on the school alumni website. I am still watching for that. I am not sure how long that will take. Great! Now my mug and everything else will be pasted on the internet. My mug is out there already....shoulders up...so okay...I am not telling anyone what school this is or where to find that picture once it appears! No way! I would lose what readers I have now. LOL

So, tell me. Do you go to your class reunions? It was my 3rd time to go to a reunion. It may have been the last one.

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