Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why Is It.....? Another Life In The Call Center Entry

Why is it that people will talk on the phone in the bathroom and flush their toilets while they are on the phone? Do they think that the person on the other end cannot hear the toilet flushing or do they just not care? I get so many calls throughout my shift in the call center where people will be flushing the toilet at the same time as they are saying hello and starting to tell me what they called about. Sure, everybody does it...uses the toilet that is. But have good manners eluded us with the use of cell phones and cordless phones? Are we that insensitive to what people are able to hear on the other end of the line?
Personally, I don't want to hear these kinds of sounds when I am talking to someone on the phone. Why would anyone want to? It is almost like being invited into the privacy of someone else's bathroom while it is in use...not even someone in your own household...but someone who is a perfect stranger! But I am on the receiving end of this phone call and have to put up with whatever is going on on the other end. Thankfully I haven't heard anything more personal than the flushing of the toilet.

There are other sounds that can be distracting when you are on the phone. One of those is the running of water into the sink. Busy women who are washing dishes maybe, and making the phone call at the same time, so they are "multitasking". Others may be cooking something and the sizzle of the food in the pans seems amplified when heard over the phone.

What kinds of sounds do you hate hearing on the other end of the phone line?

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