Friday, September 5, 2008

Got Moved, But Still Working On It!

Hey folks, I finally found an apartment that pretty much meets my needs for more healthy living. It has a/c. It has laundry facilities. It is comfy and cozy and has windows that actually work and will keep out the cold in the winter as well as allow the fresh air breezes in during the cooler fall days ahead. I have a lot of work ahead of me. In some ways the apartment is smaller than what I had before and in other ways it is larger. Strange paradox, huh? Well, in the process, the smaller features forced me to get rid of my couch (or sofa if you must)...and my only other overstuffed chair I had is going in the little makeshift toyroom for my grandkids after I remove the legs from it. It was long overdue for having the legs removed. The grandkids love the chair so I have to keep it for them. So now I need new living room furniture. I am looking for a nice loveseat and a couple nice chairs to match. I still have my huge recliner that I love and my contraption with my computer attached. Sorry friends and family...if you visit me now, you must either sit on the dining chairs, or on the floor or stand up...those are the only options I have for you right now.
I don't have a real dining area. I only have a kitchenette with a small breakfast bar. That was the biggest thing I gave up to move here and gain the a/c and laundry and windows. My dining table which is big and my drop leaf craft table are both in my large bedroom. I have enough room there to make a craft area where both tables will be used. The large dining table will multitask for cooking purposes, jigsaw puzzles, and cutting out fabric for when I make my clothes. The other table will be for the actual sewing machine and such as that. I need shelves to put all my stuff on. I have been carrying around boxes for the last 9 years because I haven't had the propper shelf space to put the items. It is time I get rid of the boxes and get the shelves.
My daughter did almost all of the moving by herself. She got a couple friends to help with the big furniture, but the rest she did alone. I took care of Grandson during all that time.
After a month free of any a-fib episodes, I have had 2 of the "normal" style episodes...and a couple short short episodes during this moving process. It is such a pain! I still have a lot of work to do such as moving things from one room to the other so that when I do get the shelves, everything will be in the right rooms to put them away. And one leg on my big dining table cracked into two...split actually, so I have to glue it back together so it will hold the weight of the table. That is in my plans for tomorrow after I get off work...that along with doing some of the cooking I haven't been able to enjoy at the other place because it was just too hot to use the stove.
Oh yeh...and the microwave is in my bedroom! How funky is that? Anyone needs to microwave anything just has to go in there and have a seat on my bed while the microwave cooks. Good thing I am a friendly sort, huh?

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