Saturday, September 13, 2008

Getting A Bit Controversial Today

I am getting a bit on the controversial here today. I am a member at MyLot and I keep what I see there filtered. Someone posted a discussion about abortion there and how she is ashamed that Republican presidential candidates are trying to take the right to choose away from women...and that this should be every woman's right in a country founded on religious freedom. I tried to post my response and it was not was classified as too mature for my filters. I did not want to change my filters so I am trying to post it here. Hopefully it will go through here....if not...oh well, I may have to put it on my personal website to make it work. I believe in what I wrote and I do not feel it is dirty or filthy or obscene. So, here goes....

"To continue to give the so called "right to choose" to women who want an abortion, to me is no different than it would be to give anyone "the right to choose" to take a gun or knife and murder another human being. Giving women the "right to choose" what happens to her own body should happen prior to having intimate relationships. Then there is no problem with whether or not she has the right to choose to murder an unborn child. In all the spin about this right women should have over their own bodies, they have degraded humanity by declaring that this unborn child is not human and is not a child and has no rights to life and has no say of it's own. However, the child IS a child. The unborn baby IS a baby even if it has not fully developed into its final form it would take at birth. People have been so deceived by the agenda of those who want to continue to keep abortion legal that they have come to believe the "big lie" that unborn babies are not really human until birth. It is no different than the "big lie" that Hitler proclaimed to get people to believe that there was a perfect race and anyone not totally white, blue-eyed, etc, was not part of that perfect race, and he was able to cause so much death and destruction during the period of the Holocaust. It is a shame that women who don't seem to care or respect their own bodies prior to having intimate relationships suddenly think they have the right to kill that living child inside them just because they don't want the responsibility of taking care of that child, or it might give them stretch marks, and other physical issues they don't want to deal with,or their boyfriend or husband doesn't want the child. Abortion is a totally selfish ideal that has been made to seem like it is an everyday right for any woman. There are of course some other issues that make abortion more difficult to decide on, such as in the case of rape, or in the case of the health of the mother. But other than that, I can think of no reason to even debate the issue. Plain and simple, life begins at conception. One single celled amoeba is alive. One single celled protozoa is alive. But the deception that allows for abortion to be legal claims that the two living cells that come together to create a new human being is not alive until it is fully formed and born is just crazy to try to believe. It is funny how the double standard exists in this issue. Those two cells are totally alive in the test tube when doctors and scientists are trying to create life outside the womb, or when trying to help infertile couples have children of their own.Then, let's talk about the aftermath. Women everywhere who have had abortions end up living with such guilt because deep down inside they know what they did was kill their child. They are never told they are going to feel that way before they have the abortion. Then they suffer afterwards, sometimes to the point of suicide. Those who have struggled through the aftermath and gone on into ministering to others who are going through it can tell you all about it. Women who choose to keep their babies and have miscarriages know that their child has died. Women who choose to keep their babies and have been attacked and the baby dies know their baby has died. And the person who attacked them goes to prison for murder. Isn't that a hoot? Someone can kill this unborn child if it is an attack against a mother who wants the child. But if the child is aborted by a mother who doesn't want is not killed because it was never alive. Come's about time we get it together and call it what it really is alive. The word fetus does not mean blob of matter. It is Latin for Infant. And Infant is a child, a baby, alive. Double standards. The unborn child is alive when it is wanted, but not alive when it isn't wanted. Afterall, you cannot kill something that isn't alive in the first place. Double standards.What we need to be ashamed of is that we have killed more babies in this country than all the deaths Hitler caused in the holocaust. What we need to be ashamed of is that we have lead women to believe that they don't have to have respect for their own bodies and their own lives so that they choose wisely before having relations and that they don't become pregnant in the first place. Women are not being treated any better because they have the right to choose. They are still being treated like animals...even more so because it is more often the men who don't want to be saddled with the responsibility of a child who will force the women into having the abortion...the right to choose becomes the choice between whether to keep the man or keep the child. We have so much to be ashamed of....but not because we want to take back the child's right to get to survive. We have become a nation of murderers. And no matter what your religious beliefs, God still exists. You cannot believe Him away. And He is the ultimate Judge. I hear people talking all the time about how we cannot legislate morality. And there is this horrible movement to take the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses. Thou shall not kill. Okay, take the Ten Commandments out. Does that mean that we can no longer go by the laws we have that are based on those commandments? Shall we no longer be able to prosecute murderers because that would be legislating morality? I am sorry, but in this case you cannot have your cake and eat it too. It can't be both ways. "

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Aleisha said...

I agree with everything your saying. I feel the same way. "Freedom Of Choose." I always thought that was word manipulation. But it seems so many people agree with it. Sometimes it angers me but we shouldn't let their way of thinking get to us.