Friday, April 11, 2008

Tasty Meal

Here we go with a picture of the Kheema that Daughter and I cooked today. She actually did the cooking. I just did the prep work and washed the dishes. Today's Kheema was made with ground beef and ground turkey. We also saved out a bit of the ground turkey and made Kabob's, which we flattened into little patties since we didn't have enough to mess with deep frying them. That's one of the Kabob patties there on the plate with the Kheema. There is cachoombar made with vinegar and sliced onions on the "side". I brought some home to have later.

Daughter said I couldn't post the recipes on here. She said she doesn't want to hear about any other non-Indian cooking it better than she does. I told her that kind of puts a kink in my ever wanting to publish a cookbook. Well, the recipe stays. She will just have to live with it if any of you cooks it better than she does. Just how would we find that out!!!

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