Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All Better Now...For The Moment

Any other a-fibbers out there who are following this blog? Fun ain't it? LOL

Well, anyway, I was back in what is called normal sinus rhythm or NSR last night finally. I was wondering it it would happen since I was off the rhythm med even though I am sure there must still be some residue of it in my system still. It's good to feel good. That's all I have to say on that.

It's warm today. And inside it is WARM! Too warm already and the real warm hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully, God willing, there will be some major changes in living conditions around here before the end of May at the latest. I am hoping much sooner than that, but who knows?

Just a bit of rambling here today. I am not really focused on anything much right now. This isn't my "normal" time to be creative or to write...still too early in the afternoon/evening. Right now is the time that my creative juices are wanting a nap. They don't really come alive until much later in the evening. I am a night owl and have been all my life, but life makes changes in things like that. Funny how I can't get to sleep very often before midnight, or if I do, I wake up in the middle of the night like I was just taking a nap. But because of my job I am up early in the mornings like people are for most daytime jobs. Oh how I look forward to those days off when I can "sleep in". What is "sleeping in" to you? To me it means not getting out of bed before 10 a.m. and preferrably sleeping til noon. My body apparently thinks anything more than 15 minutes longer than usual is "sleeping in" and an hour longer is being extravagant! Granted, when I do manage to sleep later, I don't really feel like I have had a day off because the sleeping takes up the same amount of time as the job....and I didn't accomplish a single thing during that free time...or did I?
Isn't it now being found out that the lack of a good night's sleep is one of the major factors in weight gain? Doesn't lack of a good night's sleep cause an decrease in the ability to handle stress? There in a nutshell you have two of my major health issues...being overweight and being unable to physically handle stress. Is it because I don't get enough sleep? They are saying 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep a night. I get usually around 4-6 uninterrupted hours of sleep, then after a trip to the powder room, maybe another 1-2 hours. Okay, but wait. When I was younger, if I slept anywhere less than 10 hours a night, I did not feel right physically. Ha! That was way before having kids! So, that's what I am looking for here...10 hours a night. I am a grandma now. I earned it. Right? Tell that to this body of mine. I want to stay up late at night. Like I said, that is when the creative juices start flowing. That is when I start getting interested in the blogs, the squidoo lenses, and all the other income increasing activities I am getting involved in begin...oh say, around 9 pm until 1 am. And if I find something really interesting, like I did when I found those animusic videos last week, and that happens later in the evening, I could be up until 4 am without even blinking an eye! I try to limit that to when I do have a day off the next day. So what does happen the next day? My normal wake up time is around 7:30 am. When I end up forgetting to go to bed or just too wired with the interesting stuff to go to bed before 3 am...I end up sleeping guessed it...8:30 and if I am lucky, maybe 9:00. Come on body, give granny a break wouldya?

I know, it's my fault. I need to retrain my body to go to bed earlier rather than to sleep later. That way I can get a good night sleep when I have to get up the next morning for work. That WOULD be the smart thing to do now wouldn't it? I think it is that teenager in me. I am a grandma for goodness sakes. I am old enough to stay up as late as I want to and no one is going to make me go to bed if I don't want to. Oh is that what I know is bouncing around in my head some nights. I work. I pay my bills. I raised my kids. I can do what I want. Oh but doth my body protest. "Granny," says body, "use some common sense and go to bed. NOW!"

Time for a short snooze.....zzzzzzzzzzz

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