Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another Squidoo Lens Has Arrived!

Well, actually two new Squidoo lenses have been posted on . I made the first of the two the other day, and today I just finished the second one. Making the lenses is really easy. Just pick a topic...any topic that interests you. Go to the Squidoo website and click on create a lens and go for it. The templates are already there for you to do your thing. You can put your own bit of text in the text box. You can add as many text boxes as you want to. You can put pictures on. You can then add more modules to sell stuff on your lens. They have Amazon, Ebay, Netflix and more. You can put a poll or more than one on your lens. Get your readers voting. Make sure to add your guestbook at the bottom so when your readers have visited all those things you want to sell, they can sign in. They will be looking for the guestbook. Keep it close to the bottom. That was a tip I read last night on one of the message boards. But I had already done that. Just seemed like the right place for a guestbook.
So what's so great about Squidoo? Well...these guys who created this site are smart. They realize that without people like you and me making these lenses, they have no website...and they make no money. So they have made it a kind of partnership between themselves and everyone who has lenses. Whenever someone clicks on a link to something on your lens and buys the product, Squidoo gets a cut. Since the purchase came from a link on your lens, you get a whopping 50% of that cut. Not some tiny percentage...50%. The more lenses you make, the more opportunities you have to be selling stuff. You can choose to have whatever earnings you make sent to you or to your favorite charity or charities, or both.
So, okay, making the lenses is the easy part. How do you get people to visit your lens so that they will buy stuff? That is the harder part. You have to get the word out that you have made the lens. Tell your friends and family. Join groups on Squidoo and visit other lenses. Sign the guestbooks of those you visited...they will most likely visit your lens in return. And they will want to find your guestbook too. If they are interested in your topic, they will be interested in your products and might, just might buy something. takes a lot of time to build up an audience. If you are a blogger, you already know that. And you already know it is lots of fun.

Oh, and if you are a have to check this out.

Blogging and doing Squidoo lenses are fun activities. And they can make you money once you get going. Just don't get so caught up in the money making and the pressure of the job...yes it is a job for many people...that you let it take away your health. Once it gets to be more pressure than it is have lost something. I mean...didn't you go into this to find work you could do that you enjoy and that could give you the opportunity to work from home so you can spend more time with your family? You have defeated your purpose once you step over the line of making the work the number one priority. Take care of yourself.

Here are all my lenses so far:

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