Friday, April 4, 2008

Wanted: Very Simple Vegetarian Recipes

As much as I have always loved cooking, cooking isn't much fun for me right now. I get in the mood occassionally and if I am feeling physically up to it I will cook a full course meal that can be used for leftovers as well so I don't have to cook later on in the week, or can be frozen for the same reason. Right now I am looking for really simple vegetarian recipes. By simple, I mean things that require little or no preparation, can be put in the oven, such as casseroles, or in the microwave just to be heated up. Or even better, eaten raw, like salads. I love vegetables, but I don't always like all the ingredients that get added to vegetarian recipes. But I do know that I feel better in general when I am sticking to veggies over other heavier foods. If the recipes I find can be prepared in just a few minutes without a lot of hassle, I would be happy. I wish there were some way to taste test all the recipes I find online without having to actually buy the ingredients. Wouldn't that be fun?

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