Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Baby Step Forward!

You can read all about this in my Faith Journey With Jesus blog...I just want to tell you about it quickly and briefly now! I am excited about it. If you want details, check the other blog.
Today when I was cooking, which I always do sitting in a chair at the sink and stove, for the first time I had this sudden feeling of being tired of sitting there. So as I was cutting onions, I stood up, without really thinking about it, and finished cutting the onions standing there, leaning on the sink....but standing up! It wasn't until I was standing there that I really thought about what I was doing and how long it had been since I had stood at the sink to do any cooking. I even sit in the chair to run water until it is cold enough to fill my water bottle for drinking. So standing there to finish cutting the onions was fantastic!

By the way, I made my dahl today....but I tried making it a different way, basically from what I have been finding in the cooking videos, is my version of makhani dahl. It's good but really could use more spices. I think mine are not as strong as they were and I need new ones which I hope to get soon. Sorry, I didn't take a picture yet. Tomorrow morning after Daughter and I go shopping, we are planning on celebrating Mother's Day a bit late by making those gulab jamuns finally, and then I want to teach her how to make roti and puris. I hope Grandson will allow us that time without getting grumpy. At least we won't have to cook the dahl since it is already done. After sitting in the fridge all night, it will taste better tomorrow.

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