Saturday, May 10, 2008

Indian Cooking Videos I Like

Some Indian recipes I want to try. I enjoy watching this guy cook. He is funny, especially as he is enjoying the results of his cooking. All of this guy's videos make me so hungry, but I watch them too late in the evening to go start cooking. Check out his website for more videos at .

These first videos are for Dosa. I want to learn how to make different dosas and this one is one I want to maybe start with.

These Pakoras sound interesting and good. I have only done potato or onion Pakoras before. We also call them Bhajia.

This video is for Rasmalai which I have helped make before, but not this way. Instead of making the paneer, we used ricotta cheese. Saves time and is very good.This recipe looks like it took a lot less time than ours did. Maybe I have to look it over again. The way we did it involved the oven and was a lot more time consuming, but it was oh so good. Son wants me to make this. Maybe I will give him this recipe video and tell him to do it himself. He loves to cook.

This last recipe is for an Indian bread called Naan.

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