Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indoor Gardening

Just a few pictures of my new indoor garden. I am not sure anymore of the names of some of the plants and the pictures are a bit blurred. I am going to try to get these descriptions connected with the right pictures.

I am not sure what this green/yellow one below is called.
These purple/green ones are two types of coleus I think.

I don't know what these two rounded green/cream plants are below.
The smaller one is over a year old and I had kept it in it's original pot from the store. Are both plants the same kind? I don't know.

This one I just call a twisty ivy. I am not sure of it's correct name.

These are three geranium plants I got...two the same and one different.

Begonias are some of my favorite houseplants...I think because there are so many varieties. I got two different with dark greenish red leaves and this one with the light green leaves. There are six little plants in this pot as well as the other pot of begonias coming up later.

This in the blue pot is part of the big ivy I think of as grapevine or English ivy. I couldn't get all of this ivy into the picture the way I wanted to. I have not generally been good with ivy. We will see how well all these ivy plants I got progress.

Here are the little geranium cuttings in water in a peanut butter jar. These cuttings are all that is left from the big geranium Daughter gave me for Mother's Day two years ago. I am actually amazed any of it survived while I was sick because I pretty much neglected it. I did have other cuttings, but after several months, they finally dried up from not getting watered the way they should have been.

I am not sure what this last ivy is. I call it flat leaf ivy for now until I find out what it is. As you can tell I have some research to do online on these plants.

Here is the dark leaf begonia.

Finally, the big asparagus fern. This pot has two ferns planted in it. The camera picked up more yellow tones than you can actually see when looking at the plant. This one is the one I would expect to show the most transplant shock. But I don't expect any serious damage. This is the biggest pot I planted the other day and this one is sitting on the floor hiding wires from the grandkids. There are still other wires they could get at, but generally they don't bother with them.
Oh, and the a-fib didn't last long, thankfully. I felt better once I checked back on my calendar and found out that the last episode was almost four weeks ago.

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