Saturday, May 24, 2008

Look Alike Meter at My Heritage

Have you ever seen this website called My Heritage at ? It is a fun place to play around with pictures. You can also do your family tree there, but I haven't used it for that since I have Family Tree Maker on my computer. Anyway, at My Heritage, you can upload your picture and find out if you look like any celebrities or famous people. Remember it is just for fun...especially if you are female and it thinks you look like some famous men...or vice versa...
You can also upload pictures of your kids and you and your spouse and see which one of you your kids look more like. can do what I just did a few minutes ago. I have always been told I look just like my mother. Of course most of those who said that don't know what my dad looked like and neither did I for the longest time. Finally I have uploaded pictures of both my mom and dad to my computer and put them on My Heritage along with mine. I have always thought I have more facial features of my dad's side of the family than of my mom's. Sooooo, now I have this look alike meter to tell me the truth. Finally. Well, what do you think?

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Vintage pictures - Family history

And just for more fun, here are my celebrity look alikes. For this one I have tried a couple different photos. That's the fun part of this. The people change with the different pictures you upload. Pose has a lot to do with the results I think.

See what I mean??? out of all of these pictures, I look like 5 men and 3 women??? And I look like Yoko Ono??? Oh come on now!!!

Let's try this again...

Okay, is it getting worse or what??? LOL

One last try. This one has got to be better! Hmmmm Robert Redford and Patrick Swayze, huh? I did this a few months ago with a different picture and it said I looked like Joey Fatone. Well, what do you think? Who do you think I look like? Forget that. Just go to and click on face recognition and have fun with your own photos!!!

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