Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Along with my regular weekend off, I also had today off. I had a really good weekend with the activities I planned. I didn't get them all accomplished, but I got a lot more done than I had been doing. Needless to say, tonight I am whipped! After you see the pictures coming up, you will know why.
Saturday, Son's girlfriend and I went garage saling together. All in all we spent close to four hours together with just one of the five kids with us. The baby was really good and seemed to enjoy being out in the car for the ride as the entire trip she didn't even make a fuss other than once after she had a nap she woke up wanting her bottle. I was really wondering how I was going to handle going to garage sales since I have such a problem with walking and standing for any length of time or distance. I wanted to check out just a few things for myself but mainly I wanted to look for things for the grandkids. Well, having Son's girlfriend along really helped out. She did all the looking around and I stayed in the car enjoying the weather. It wasn't hot out and the sun was shining so it was really nice out. It would be nice if all year long had days like that day was. She was able to find things that the kids could actually use and I paid for part of her finds so it was like it came from me anyway. She was a little worried that I wasn't having any fun because I couldn't do much of the looking. But I was happy just being out of the house enjoying the sunshine. At one sale, the owner walked close enough to where I was parked that I could talk to her and ask about some big flowerpots she had in the yard. She had 18 of them in all and after a bit of dealing, I got the whole kit and kaboodle, plus a rubber tub to carry part of them in for $3. So I was happy. Son's girlfriend and I got to spend time together and talk and get to know each other better as well. It was a good day.
Saturday night I was up much later than usual...well actually about 2 hours or so later. I was watching some good movies on tv and didn't want to go to bed. So, Sunday I slept in late, then got up and watched my church programs on tv for a few hours. I relaxed the rest of the day and ordered pizza delivered for supper. I still have pizza left over for tonight. It was going to go into the freezer, or to Daughter today, but Daughter forgot to take it home with her. After my activities today, I think it will make a good supper for tonight. Think I will eat it cold....too worn out and sore to mess with heating it up. But the soreness is well worth it!
Today, after another semi-late night playing chess on Yahoo, I slept in a little. Daughter came over and we went to our WalMart store. This time we didn't do the grocery shopping. This time was to accomplish two of the other things I wanted to get done this weekend. One was to get fishing pole, tackle box and some basic tackle, and the other was to get some good top soil and houseplants to put in at least some of those big pots I got at the garage sale. All I have to do now is go out and get my fishing license which I should hopefully be able to do at some bait shop near the lake where I will fish...or I can go back to WalMart and get it at a later time. Going fishing was the only thing I had on my list of things to do this weekend that I didn't get done...well, that and taking some landscape/lake/nature photos which I would have done while fishing.

I have been wanting to fill my home with houseplants ever since before I moved here. It was one of those things that got put off while I was sick. Now it is time to get it done. Today made a HUGE start in that project. I think I may need a little help moving all the now filled big flowerpots off my dining table. They are heavy with all that dirt in them.

Enjoy the pictures...they finish out the story of this weekend.

In this picture below, on the left you can see the bottle of rose water I will be using when Daughter and I finally make our gulab jamuns. Also you can see a jar of something yellowish. That is either moong or toor dahl. I didn't look closely at it since I took the picture to be sure which it is. It is a type of split bean or split pea used in Indian cooking.

Why am I so worn out and sore tonight? All three of those bags of top soil are now empty! Oh how good the dirt smelled and felt while I broke up the clods in the tightly packed bags. Each bag said it was .75 cubic feet of top soil. There are still a couple of plants that don't have pots to put them in or the dirt to fill the pots. All the pots I got at the garage sale were big ones so there are no small ones for the two plants I have left. I will have to leave them until the next shopping trip. They will be okay for awhile.

Now, that last picture didn't have anything to do with gardening, fishing, garage sales, or anything else that was part of the goals of the weekend. That was just the "icing on the cake" so to speak. Daughter and I had lunch at Bob Evans and both of us decided to indulge a little. We justified it this way....had we baked the actual chocolate cake at home, we would have eaten a whole lot more! For me anyway, this should hold me over for a good 6 months or more for craving chocolate cake! That was really really rich!

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