Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware the Ides of March...

Today is that famous Shakespearian day--the Ides of March. Any superstitious among us? Not me. Actually today has been a pretty good day. Got the chance to make more good videos of Grandson today in his own habitat. The kid is smart. Only took being told one time to go over to the laundry basket and throw Daddy's socks around the room. Apparently he had already been doing that earlier in the morning, so getting Grandma's permission to do it again was just what he wanted.
I am finding out I think I am going to have to continue with two of the three meds I was allowed to stop taking. Those are diuretics and I have been off them for just a few days and already have gotten bloated in my chest cavity making breathing very difficult tonight. Well, I have also been thinking water retention is also a big part of the weight gains I have been experiencing. So, I started back on them tonight to get a head start for tomorrow.
Hopefully I will be feeling good enough in the morning to get back in church tomorrow morning. Since I got this sick I haven't been in church regularly for over a year. After being there 4 times a week and dropping down to will be good to get back. I really miss choir but that will still be awhile before I can get back into singing in public. With the breathing difficulties I have had this past year plus, I haven't been able to sing my way through one entire song until just recently. Some days I can sing several songs in a row, but most of the time, I can make it through at least one. It is interesting that singing can make breathing difficult for awhile afterwards. Maybe that is my problem tonight and not fluid retention. I was trying to sing with Sandi Patty as I drove to and from my daughter's house. That can knock the wind out of anyone! What a voice that lady has! On a good day...a healthy day, I can reach most of her pitches, but what I sound like doing it is another story! Today I did pretty well part of the time, but maybe I overdid it. Look out--Lung Strain!!! LOL This is one of the reasons I keep my Sandi Patty tape in the car and not in the house. I wouldn't want to have anyone else be able to hear me screetching as I sing along with the tape.
I figured out that since my son gets his daughters on Thursday for Easter weekend and I have Friday as my day off that weekend, I can have them spend the night with me Thursday night. Am I up for that? We will see come Friday evening. At least they are big enough to get themselves into their own seat belts and I don't have to crawl in and out of the back of my van to get them belted in. I am really looking forward to spending some time with my granddaughters for a change. I get to see the boys more often and have had the older of the two boys spend the night with me before. He is a pretty good kid too. He likes to sit up in Grandma's big chair with me and we watch YouTube cartoons...the old ones I grew up with and his dad grew up with. Cartoons the kids don't get to see anymore. Bugs Bunny. Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner. Mighty Mouse, and lots more. He gets to see old Muppet Shows, and other quality kids' programming. I don't think the girls will be able to sit up here with me and do the same, but we will find some good videos to watch. I may have to restrain them from cleaning and rearranging my house to make that playroom they a 6 year old and a 5 year old could move all that stuff around anyway. Right now, just figuring out where they are going to sleep will be the biggest challenge of the day. I think they are going to have to share the couch, but it is a big couch with removable back cushions that makes it like a daybed. The last time they got to spend any time here with me they had to watch the newer version of Once Upon A Mattress with Carol Burnett and her daughter. I grew up with the version where Carol Burnett played the princess. This version Carol plays the wicked queen and her daughter plays the princess. They both like anything having to do with princesses.
Well now, I think I better go update my othe blogs since I haven't done much with them this week.

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