Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grandkids, A-Fib, Spring, and Easter

The Grandkids stayed until around noon when their Daddy came and got them. They were a bit more into not listening, whining, and arguing with each other until they got the message from Grandma that I wasn't going to put up with that. After breakfast and a little playtime, out came their left over sweet n sour chicken which the girls heated up after a quick lesson in which buttons to push on the microwave. Then it was time to learn how to play the Cootie Bug game. That required knowing how to read the dots on dice so Grandson had to have a quick lesson. He can count fingers, but didn't quite understand how to count the dots. He played until he got a few of his bug pieces put together, but he soon became bored with it all. By the time the girls got to where all they had left were the six legs to put on and that was taking forever, they quit too. How easy it is to roll a six when you don't need it. It wasn't long again before all three of them were up in my chair with me watching the movie MOUSE HUNT on tv, and eating more carrots. You can't say they didn't get healthy snacks with Grandma. No cookies, or ice cream or any of that junk stuff. They are growing up so quickly. Next month starts a series of birthdays. Two of my grandkids have birthdays in April, one in May, one in June, and one in July. I bought the 4 older kids each a kite and told Son that he had to take the kids out so they could actually use them, and that I wanted to be there to videotape it all. It should be an interesting thing to see if and when it happens. He says he isn't very good with kites. I don't remember him ever flying a kite when he was a kid. His girlfriend says she isn't good with kites either. I wonder if they will ever get them off the ground.
I survived the overnight pretty well, but had to have a nap later in the afternoon. Unfortunately I woke up from an upsetting dream that made no sense at all, but realized that I was again in another a-fib episode. Will this ever change? At least I still have the monitor until Monday and then the doctor might be able to figure out what the best thing to do is. Between my entertaining dreams and/or my "extra" activities, these episodes continue to be annoying. But at least I am in normal sinus rhythm most of the time and the episodes don't last long anymore. It sure puts a damper on anything I might want to plan though.
First day of spring--finally. It has been raining off and on, and just the most recently has had a bit of lightening and thunder. At least we didn't get the snow others have been supposed to be getting. Well, it's back into the call center in the morning, although I get to start a bit later than usual so can sleep a bit later. I used to always unplug my computer during storms because of the possibilty of lightening blowing it out, but since I can't shut it off when I have to work, I have just let it stay plugged in and let God take care of it. Over the past years I have learned that no matter what happens, I can always trust God to take good care of me. Maybe I will talk about that another time in my blogging...maybe not. For now I am just glad that spring is officially here and we can start looking forward to grass getting green, leaves popping out on the trees, and birds singing.
If I don't get back on here the rest of the weekend, have a safe and happy Easter, and don't forget the real meaning of the season while you are having fun with your children and grandchildren. How about a couple more YouTube videos for Easter? These are favorites of mine...

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