Monday, March 24, 2008

Frustrated and Confused

Some people who know me might say I am always confused...

Okay, if you check into my photography blog you will see what is upsetting me so much right now. As much as I love my new camera, especially taking home videos of my grandkids, I am now having problems with the fact that those same videos come out in .mov format. They work great on my computer. But the sound does not burn to CD's along with the video, and without the sound, the videos don't mean a lot. The kids are doing a lot of talking to me, to the camera, to each other. Unless you can read lips, without the sound, the videos are pretty ineffective.

Am I to give up? No. I am looking into ways to convert the .mov format to .avi without losing anything in the process. Any ideas? All I am reading is just frustrating and confusing me more.
I am changing topics now because I am tired of dealing with that issue.
Daughter and I went shopping and out to lunch today. I got that monitor off this morning finally. Two weeks of that was long enough. Grandson was cute as usual. He is a little flirt like most babies his age are.
Easter was quiet--very quiet since Daughter and Son do their Easter with their other sides of the family, as they do all the main holidays. I had a relaxing day that ended with my favorite movie, The Sound of Music. I wanted to watch The Passion of the Christ again but since I don't have that video, I settled for checking out the website and then looking online to maybe buy the video. Instead I decided to check at WalMart today when we were shopping to see if I could get it there. They were out. So I will have to wait until next paycheck and see if they have it by then...unless I decide to go ahead and order it online.
In the meantime, sit back and enjoy these clips from The Sound of Music that I found on YouTube.

Now seriously...what would these videos mean without sound if these were taken of your family? I know these are movies and the sound works. Just imagine though that your children or grandchildren were singing a good night song at a big party at your house and you took really nice video of it...and oh sound!!!

Someone out there must know how to fix my problem! Come on, speak up.

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