Friday, March 7, 2008

Cameras, Cameras, and More Cameras

The Kodak Easy Share Z885 won the camera war at WalMart today. It was pretty much my first choice of the three I had picked out online as being available. The lady helping me go through the cameras to find the best one was very knowledgable and very helpful so I felt good about having made the right choice. As my daughter and I were leaving the store later, I told her that it felt good to be spending that much money on something that wasn't just one of my medicines. Now I just have to start taking pictures. I was going to take some of my home, or even my workstation/part time office, but before I do that, I am going to have to get things cleaned up. It's that organization thing again....having to have everything in the right place, but if there is no just piles up. But I am working on it. Oh, and guess what I forgot to do...yep, that's right. I forgot to take my film in to get it developed.
I was hoping to get pictures of my grandson today but he was asleep in the car by the time we got back, so my daughter decided to just go ahead and go home. That way he would get a nap in the car and be set until his afternoon nap.
By the way. I won't be putting photos of my grandkids on my blog, or anywhere else online. I know it is the big thing to do. But all of us feel it just isn't all that safe to be putting kids' pictures online where predators can get hold of them. None of my grandkids' parents want their kids' pictures online either and I respect their decisions. I do hope to have plenty of other photos on here though.

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