Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We are getting a major winter storm here tonight and through Wednesday morning. So far this winter, all these major storms have missed this area. I am hoping this one passes us by this time, especially since it is including lots of freezing rain and sleet, covered by snow tomorrow and wednesday. The freezing rain started a few hours ago and it is getting icy outside quickly. This kind of weather always bothers me because of the possibilities of power lines coming down. I am praying that won't happen here. So far I don't remember having ever had to deal with a major power outage, but since I don't have any kind of kerosene heater I don't want to find out now. Thankfully I have a gas stove...which in all other cases I hate having...but I can turn on the burners without electricity. It has electronic ignition so I am not sure I know how to get the oven on without electricity. It may be the only source of heat I will have if the power goes out. I guess the furnace won't work without the fan being able to blow, so...well, let's just keep praying for no power outages.
This is yet another area I am having to get used to with being disabled. Not that I would attempt to go outside in icy conditions anyway, I have come to realize that weather conditions have a lot to do with how a person feels when they have various disabilities. The cold gets to the bones....deep to the bones in a way nothing else does. So does dampness, high humidities...or maybe it is the barometer. When I was young I can remember a friend telling me her mom could tell when it was going to rain...she could feel it in her bones. I have learned to believe that. I can tell about 2 days in advance of a big storm that it is going to be a big storm. The harder the storm, the more I hurt. Usually the day of the storm, after it is about over, I start feeling much better. But there are some kinds of weather that makes the whole body ache. So far I haven't found much to help ease that pain. But, then, since I don't have medicaid anymore, I haven't been able to see a doctor about the arthritis or other aches and pains. So all I have to take is extra strength aceteminophen tablets.
As you can probably figure out by now, I don't like weather that isn't just nice and sunny. My perfect climate would be around 75 during the day and in the low 50s at night. My windows would be open 24 hours a day.
I keep thinking that I should enjoy the weather tonight because I won't have to work in the morning. Yeh, right! Unless I do have a power outage, I will be working in the morning. The call center never sleeps except on Christmas day. It will probably be a slow morning though. Most of the people will probably be housebound with the ice so there won't be a lot of reason to be calling. No weather days for a work at home granny.
If you are getting any of this bad winter weather, enjoy it if you can. If you don't see a post on here for a day or two, that would probably mean power or dsl is out. Keep your comments coming though.

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