Monday, March 10, 2008

No Taj Mahal Today

We did not make it to the Taj Mahal today after the doctor appointment. The doctor appointment ended up taking close to 2 hours altogether and since the buffet ended by the time we finished, we decided to eat somewhere else. It was after 3 by the time we got to eat. After driving through the city and deciding traffic was just too crazy today, we chose to come back to town and eat at a local Mexican restaurant. But we were both happy about the decision by the time we were finished eating. Daughter didn't bring Grandson along today so we had more time to enjoy the day. Grandson was happily playing with his other Grandma while we did our thing.

The above picture was taken shortly after we got to the restaurant. In the late afternoon, it was not very busy. This restaurant moved from one side of town in a much larger location, to this location. Actually I like this one better.

Daughter chose Jalico (I think that was the name of it) Fajita which had steak, chicken, and shrimp. That is this picture shown at the right.

I chose Fundido Fajita shown below. It had steak, and chicken smothered in cheese.

This picture below is both of our meals all put together. Boy did we enjoy it. Even took some home with us because we were both filled up on chips.

Below are the sides we got with our fajitas.

The doctor appointment went pretty well even though it was a long appointment. I am now able to take 3 less medications than I was before. He had me put on a heart monitor called an event monitor that will record actual EKG's and transmit them through the telephone line to the main company where they will let the doctor know the results. I have to wear this monitor for the next 2 weeks and then see the doctor again in 4 weeks. If the results of this test are good, I may be allowed to get off (or actually change) rhythm medications. I think the doctor was interested in knowing that my rhythm stays normal most of the time except for the day after a busy day like today was. I hope tomorrow doesn't leave me in an a-fib episode again. I have 2 other appointments to go to this week. It's definitely a good time to be monitored.

A few years ago there was this art contest to decorate mammoths that would later be placed around the city. I don't remember the details of the contest. The big mammoths were provided and different groups contributed funds I think to be able to get one of the mammoths, then they would have someone paint it. This mammoth is the only one I know if that is inside a building, although there may be many more. This one is appropriately painted to reflect the Heart Center. You can't really tell it from the picture, but the red part on the side is a big red heart with the EKG across it....and I guess the white lines are veins and arteries maybe??


Serendipity said...

Hey Cindy,
Your pics made me HUNGRY! Is this the old El Antiqua, or whatever they called it on N Washington??? I just LOVED that place. I always ordered the vegetable fajitas or something like that---lots of mushrooms,onions and CHEESE!!!!! Always had enough left for lunch the next day.

capirani said...

Yes it is the same restaurant...renamed and relocated to the other side of town. Smaller, brighter, more charming.