Sunday, March 9, 2008

Giving You All A Break Today

Today was a quiet day. Worked this morning, watched some church on tv after that, then took a good long nap. I guess I needed it. Tomorrow will be a big day with an hour trip to my electrophysiologist, then Indian lunch and Indian grocery, then probably back home. By then I will probably be really tired. It will be interesting to find out what the doctor says this time. I am feeling better and want to see if he will take me off of some of my medications. Then, again, once I tell him that the "busy" days like tomorrow will be have been leading into an atrial fibrillation episode the following day...who knows what he will decide to do next. Thankfully, those episodes don't last very long...but they sure do wear me out. Because I had two pretty "busy" days a couple weeks ago, I had two days of episodes that week. So last week I didn't do so much. It is so good to be out and able to do more now. It is good to be feeling better. So, enjoy your day off from reading my long monologues. Thanks to all who are leaving comments.

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