Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weather Improvement?

Well, when I got up for work this morning, the temperature was 36 F and most of the ice from the previous evening was melted although there is some light snow on the ground. It is windy and right now I can hear a little sleet hitting the windows and roof. Amazingly, there is school today and no delay...the storm is not supposed to end until tomorrow sometime around noon. Since I haven't seen any new weather report yet, hard to tell what has or has not changed. What I do know is that the call center was slow today and I worked a total of 43 minutes before I was called and allowed to get off early. I "jumped" at the chance....as much as anyone my age, weight and disabled knees can jump. Basically, I like getting called to take off early whenever they want to call me, as long as I still get enough hours in to cover my bills. Speaking of bills, I really do need to get out to the bank and take care of some of my own bills. Will I go today? Probably not.
Hey, this is March. Known for being unpredictable in the weather department. This past winter has been pretty unpredictable...well at least different than most winters. It is definitely sleeting out there right now. I wonder what will happen with the schools? I did just go check the weather forecast and the warnings and watches. We are still under a winter storm warning until 7 am Wednesday. It really surprises me then that the school bus was just past here, only a few minutes later than usual, picking up the one across from me who goes everyday. I even checked the school delay listings online, but there were none listed anywhere around here. Wonder what the schools know that the rest of us don't.
Well, I have a sort of weather break right now so I am going to get busy and use this time to learn more about how to make money with blogging.

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