Friday, March 21, 2008

Chinese, Cartoons, Carrots

Three of my grandchildren are spending the night with me tonight. Right now they are asleep, one on each end of my couch and another on the floor. They got here around 7:00 pm and the action began. It was supposed to be girl night but Grandson wanted to be part of the group, so he is here too. That's okay, he's happy, the girls are happy, and I am happy. We ordered Chinese food delivered. They shared a big order of sweet n sour chicken, tasted the egg rolls and teriyaki chicken and decided against it. They fought over the slice of carrots in each dish so I told them they could get some carrots out of the fridge to eat. So they ate a small part of their sweet n sour chicken and put it all away in the fridge for tomorrow, got out the bag of baby carrots and proceeded to eat probably half of that bag over the rest of the evening. At least they were eating healthy. After dinner they climbed up in my big chair with me and we got on the phone for them to call Grandpa. I videoed the whole conversation because oldest Granddaughter will not talk on the phone to Grandpa. She is bashful. On the other hand, youngest Granddaughter loves to just talk and talk and talk. Grandson talked for a little while, but youngest Granddaughter took over most of the conversation. After telephone time, we watched all the children's videos I have saved off of YouTube for when they all visit. Grandson has seen them so many times he knew what each one was and had to describe it for the girls. About 9:45 youngest Granddaughter asked what time it was and decided it was bedtime. So I took video of them getting their beds situated and them getting settled down, which meant many trips to the bathroom, putting the carrots back in the fridge, getting toys put away so there was room for beds and blankets and pillows. My couch is all pillows and cushions so they are now all over my living room floor and from what I saw of it, I may be barricaded in this chair for the night. Then there was a flurry of afghans and throws being spread about, folded, unfolded, shared or not shared until they finally decided it was all the way they wanted it. But then they had to go get special sleep toys from the toybox...another flurry of activity. All on video. Then the goodnight hugs and kisses, and finally they settled down to watch more cartoons until they fell asleep. We watched Bugs Bunny, Coyote and Roadrunner, The Chipmunks, and then some quiet down music videos with nice scenery. They turned over and now they are sleeping and quiet. I haven't decided where I am going to sleep tonight. They will be up with the light that comes in and makes my living room bright with all these big bay windows I have. I will feel better being in here when they wake up. And there is still that barricade of cushions and extra afghans I would have to cross. But either way I am going to have to be brave and try it. The ladies room is way down the hall from here. I am so glad I was prepared ahead of time with all these YouTube videos. Grandson always wants to sit up here with me and watch cartoons. We have the Muppets also and other old cartoons that aren't on television much anymore if at all. The neatest thing about it is that this workstation I have for working in my recliner also allows me to swing the monitor/keyboard arm out so people in the rest of the room can watch whatever is on the monitor. That is how I could let them watch cartoons to go to sleep with. Now I am relaxing here with sirius satellite radio on EZ listening while I catch up on the computer and get myself to the point where I can go to sleep. Tomorrow there may be no relaxing, at least not before noon.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Bugs Bunny in Hillbilly Hare, compliments of of the many videos Grandkids enjoyed tonight.

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